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Journal Papers

M. Endo and G. Ishigami

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 7(4), pp. 11855-11862, 2022

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M. Endo and B. Sencer

CIRP Annals, vol. 71(1), pp. 405-408, 2022

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M. Endo, S. Endo, K. Nagaoka, and K. Yoshida

Robotica, vol. 39(10), pp. 1883 - 1896, 2021

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Conference Papers

M. Endo, K. Honda, and G. Ishigami

IEEE ICRA 2024 Workshop on Resilient Off-road Autonomy, 2024

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M. Endo, T. Taniai, R. Yonetani, and G. Ishigami

Proceedings of the 2023 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2023

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S. Endo, M. Endo, K. Nagaoka, and K. Yoshida

Proceedings of the 2019 JSME Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics, 2P1-T03, 2019

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K. Uno, L.-J Burtz, M. Endo, K. Nagaoka, and K. Yoshida

Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space, #10a-2, 2018

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Conference Presentations

M. Endo and B. Sencer

The 2021 International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, OH, USA, June, 2021

T. Kuwahara, Y. Sakamoto, S. Fujita, Y. Sato, R. Taba, H. Katagiri, M. Endo, P. Tangdhanakanond, T. Honda, and K. Yoshida

The 1st IAA North East Asia Symposium on Small Satellites, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, August, 2017